If you are interested in becoming a member, you must complete the following applications

  • KSSA membership application                    
  • CSSA membership application

Note: On the CSSA membership application skip the sections "FEE ENCLOSED" or "PAYMENT OPTIONS"  as these are taken care of by the KSSA Secretary. If you have a scanner you can sign the CSSA APP and send it back in a "PDF" file if no scanner send it back and you can sign it at the training course.

Note: Don't worry about a signature on the KSSA membership application your email address is signature enough

Both Applications can be filled out on your computer and emailed back via the contact form alonge with a copy of the front and back of your "Restricted PAL".

When we receive and review your Applications they will be turned over to  our Training Officer who will contact you about taking our club level  training course on a scheduled Saturday.

The course is a provincial requirement and to also let us know what  skill level you are at. It consists of theory, gun handling and range  procedures along with time on the range shooting.


  •  Simply complete the forms

  •  Submit your information below (see the submit button below, or by email)


  • When contacted by your trainer, download the Training candidate manual and print it.

          You will need  to bring the printed copy with you to class.

          Your trainer will also  provide you the password  for the manual.

Want to become a member?

* Access cards are $25 each and some restrictions apply

Once you submit your application you can expect a member of our training team to contact you with 1-2 business days to review your information and schedule your training date.

You are also submit your forms and information via email to new_member@KSSA.ca

Covid-19 update, With restrictions easing, please continue to make a reservation to use the range.

This will allow members to determine the range occupancy and self determine if they wish to be present with others.

$322 Single member

$379 Family rate *

Includes HST & CSSA