T-shirts are $20.00 each

  - Premium quality shirt with silk screen transfer

  - Includes new KSSA logo on the front

  - Sizes from small to XL

  - XXL add $2.00 each

  - Large logo on the back, add $2.00 each

  - Colors Black, grey, navy blue

  - Style mens or womens

Hats & Shirts are here!

Hats are $25.00 each

  - Premium quality  adjustable fit hat

  - Includes the new stitched KSSA logo on the front

  - Colors Black

  - Style unisex

How do I order?



To keep out costs down, we are not using a web store front which would add costs to your orders. Instead, complete the form below and a Pay Pal invoice will be sent to you (usually within 48-72 hours) Once you pay the invoice via Pay Pal, we will be notified and your order will be placed. Please note that Shirts & Hats are made to order so please allow a little processing time. Once your order is ready you will receive another email indicating you can pick up your order at the club house. Since Pay Pal provides all processing, we DO NOT have your credit card information and Pay Pal is PCI-DSS compliant for security purposes. All orders will include a small credit card processing fee.

Covid-19 update, With restrictions easing, please continue to make a reservation to use the range.

This will allow members to determine the range occupancy and self determine if they wish to be present with others.